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Birthday wishes

February 29, 2008

 Tony and birthday card

TONY [during his birthday party at Gino’s on Tuesday evening]

“It’s nice meeting people like this. Most times when I meet ’em in on my birthday, it’s not very warm, if you know what I mean.”

The cook, the beef, his life and recovery

February 27, 2008

Upside down

Still upside down

“You remember the guy I told you I was coaching? Well, it turns out he’s a great cook, he’s amazing. He can cook anything. We got this nice piece of roasting meat the other night. By the time he’s finished cooking it, it was fit for a king. So now I’m a homeless guy with my own cook. Life is crazy sometimes.”

Back to 1949

February 26, 2008

1949 Crosley

Tonight …

Tony’s 59th birthday party – Tues, Feb 26 2008, 4:30-6pm – Gino’s: Howard Park and Dundas

February 23, 2008

Thumbs up

Be there.

On trial

February 20, 2008


As planned, Tony is in court today. Hopefully he’s not going back to into jail but you never know … you’ll know more when I do.


Go ask Alice

February 15, 2008

As some of you know, Tony has a court hearing coming up on Feb 20th.

Because of the weather (I hope), I haven’t seen Tony in 2+ days. If you’re in the area and you happen to see him, please remind him (again!) to call his lawyer, Alice Barton, at Derstine Penman at 1-866-304-1921 so that everyone can be prepared for the 20th and for the human rights action that she’s launched on Tony’s behalf.




UPDATE – 5pm – I saw Tony and re-reminded him to call Alice.   ps

There’s something about JFK

February 13, 2008

King Arthur

“Did you see the photo of JFK’s love-child who’s now living out in BC?”

“He’s a Kennedy, alright. You can see it in his eyes. Those Americans need a Kennedy again, I’m telling you. They need someone they can look up to.”

Home invasion

February 13, 2008

Man in blizzard

“I haven’t seen so much snow since that winter of 1999, you know when the army came in to dig us out. Also, that’s about the time when I got stuck being homeless.”

The gotcha that ends the night

February 11, 2008

Big bird

“Damn it’s cold. It was -30 C with windchill last night they were saying — and I believe ’em. Hey, did you see my new guitar guy here?”

“Hard to miss him, actually.”

“You know that I spent 3 hours trying to fix him last night. Just wouldn’t work, even tried new batteries a couple of times. I tore the whole toy apart to find out what was wrong. Finally, I realized that I put the batteries in backwards. I just had put them in like the batteries go into Elmo. Boy, did that turn out to be a bad assumption.”

Left in the cold

February 8, 2008

Ensure can in snow

“I got you some stuff. Here’s a bottle of ibuprofens, and here’s one of those cans of strawberry-flavoured Ensure drink. How about that, eh [!]?”

“Great. I appreciate it. I’ll be using that ibuprofen right away, thank you — and I’ll put that can in my refrigerator for dinner.”

Three shots for a dollar

February 5, 2008

Three shots shot


February 3, 2008

Cheque writer

“I had a funny thing happen today with a customer.”

“A customer? What happened?”

“He wanted to give me some change but he didn’t have any money on him.”

“So what happened?”

“So he asked me if I would take a credit card.”

“What did you say?”

“Well I told him that I didn’t even have a debit card machine. He thought that was pretty funny.”

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