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Home invasion

February 13, 2008

Man in blizzard

“I haven’t seen so much snow since that winter of 1999, you know when the army came in to dig us out. Also, that’s about the time when I got stuck being homeless.”

The man who isn’t there

January 7, 2008

Right about this time of winter, Tony begins to go AWOL, occasionally disappearing for as many as five days at once. At the time, I have no idea what’s going on for him. Sometimes I later discover that he was ill, typically from something he ate. Other times he’s just evaporated and I never learn where or why. Maybe he was around but not when I came by.

Nonetheless, he’s been gone the last few days.


To drive the cold winter away

November 9, 2007

Tony’s old coat

Thin on the ground

June 6, 2007

“You’re looking thinner.”

“When it gets to be warmer outside, people just figure a homeless guy’s got things a bit easier than in the wintertime, which is true but you still gotta eat.”

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