The man who isn’t there

January 7, 2008

Right about this time of winter, Tony begins to go AWOL, occasionally disappearing for as many as five days at once. At the time, I have no idea what’s going on for him. Sometimes I later discover that he was ill, typically from something he ate. Other times he’s just evaporated and I never learn where or why. Maybe he was around but not when I came by.

Nonetheless, he’s been gone the last few days.


8 Responses to “The man who isn’t there”

  1. Please all of Tony’s friends keep an eye out for Tony .

  2. john bonnici Says:

    hi first visit hope many more. i’ve not been down to 5 corners area lately so no info of anything if any streetpeople know these guys “G”or “Bill Townsend” please ask them to post or pass the WORD that alls well Thanks john

  3. john bonnici Says:

    so is Tony back last thing by him that i could find was from Jan 7

  4. Tony Says:

    Hi John,
    Tony’s street set-up was in the usual spot yesterday afternoon but he wasn’t there when I came by. Tks for asking.


  5. john bonnici Says:

    anything new i’m ready to hit the sack i was feelin really down earlier then it just HIT me f–k its nice to have a sack to hit oh Philip you post here alot are you tight with Tony. You would never believe it but i set up a blog orginally at or something like that. to try and get this activeity that is going on here happening. Small world eh. thanks for the greeting Philip.

  6. john bonnici Says:

    is it that quite a day that no one has anything to say. Tony, Philip, Sharon, anybody post please

  7. Sharon here ,Tony it is about time you logged back in , Where have you been for 3 days

  8. john bonnici Says:

    still no WORD from Tony you know time flies. its Saturday 12 Jan. Sharon I take it you’re his sister if i don’t see a posting by tomorrow I’ll take a drive down to the 5 corners see if I can get any info I’ll do that unless you say NOT to

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