Job troubles, bone troubles and crack troubles

December 29, 2006

“Tony, why don’t you look for a job? One guy even put a question on the blog asking why you don’t look for a job every day. Lots of people genuinely don’t understand why you don’t. I even bet quite a few people who are sympathetic to the homeless issue have problems with the job thing.”

“OK, well, first of all, you don’t get paid for looking for a job because you’re not at your panhandling station. So how am I supposed to get food when I’m looking for a job?

“And how are folks supposed to call me when I don’t even have a phone? Well, if anyone ever finds out that I went and got a cell phone, I bet most of ’em wouldn’t give me money again. A homeless guy with his own cell phone?! You got to be kidding me. Even if someone gave it to me I’m dead in the water.

“Then there’s that I don’t even have an address. You can’t even a shower except in a shelter or sometimes when you rent a room.

“Look at the bags under my eyes. How’s someone going to hire you if you got bags under your eyes since you don’t get enough sleep?

“I’ve got a bad back, my knees are killing me and there’s my collar bone. So I can’t do stuff with lots of walking or lifting things like I used to. I used to deliver those big phone books. You should try carrying eight phone books on your shoulder going straight uphill.

“Plus my feet are real bad. I’ve got a [deep skin] crack in both of ’em now.

“Anyway, just have those folks walk in my shoes for one day. Then you’ll understand what it’s all about.”

10 Responses to “Job troubles, bone troubles and crack troubles”

  1. jen Says:

    exactly, exactly, exactly.

  2. awareness Says:

    Amazing how ill informed and unaware most people are……why anyone would think it would be just a snap of the fingers and all would be set right with a job is beyond my comprehension.

    In New Brunswick, homeless people can even apply for welfare because they don’t have an address. You have to be living at the shelter to apply. it’s appalling.

    Take care Tony.

  3. awareness Says:

    I meant to write……………….homeless people CANT apply….. I was typing to fast………….or wishful thinking……. 🙂

  4. s@bd Says:

    honest question – honest answer


  5. denguy Says:

    Some one said to me, “A homeless guy asked me for $4 so he could get a bed for the night, but I told him to get a job. He was probably lying [about the $4 for a bed] anyways.”

    My answer: “You were asked to give, not to judge.”

  6. Norman Says:

    Sounds like excuses to me. Bottom line Tony you think your current position seems better than either looking or having a job. I am not judging cause we all make choices. But the way you live is very much choice.

    You have someone write a blog for you, it’s not hard for you to find a way to get phone messages or an address to put onto applications form.

    We make choices for reasons that are complicated and personal. we deserve compassion without judgement but I wont take the ‘my feet hurt’ story for good or for bad.

    And while I am hear what is this whole blog thing cause it makes me wonder. Tony is a man with a hard story like many of us. OK is that all there is?? Compare to many Tony suffers and to some he lives a good life. What are the points you are trying to make Phillip?? Are you trying to point out the evils in the world using Tonys voice? Arent you in danger of making homelessness look simple by with someone with so much? Or is it about how much yhou care?

    This reminds me that we should give attention to the millions AID orphans who dont have medicare, rich and generos passerbys and $15 breakfast. we should be kind to evveryone we meet but my first choice is to support desperate people.

  7. Helena Says:

    For me the website reminds me that homeless people are not aliens but have humanity in common with the rest of us.

    Until any of us had the experience of sharing a consciousness with Tony I believe we can not judge whether he can or can not get a job as he is the only person who truly understands the reality of being Tony.

    Anyway for me the value of the mail was not to debate whether he can or cannot get a job. It was to gain a small insight on how he feels about the issue.

  8. Alicia Says:

    Hey Tony,
    I don’t think people would judge you if you were able to get your hands on a cell phone. I think owning one would enhance your life a great deal. I hope you can get one soon.

  9. o Says:

    why dont we get people to donate ont his site

  10. bob Says:

    will like you said you dont get paid for looking for a job but you also dont get paid by not looking for one. will beside from people who put it in your cup but you will recive alot more money if you where to just get a job.

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