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Waylaid again

August 19, 2009

Waylaid cartoon - Aug 19 2009

“Here’s another story from when I was a kid. I think I was around 10, and I was trying to get laid, believe it or not, and my Mom grabbed my leg when I was on our roof with this girl. You know, I think I told you this one already.”

Where the heart is

August 18, 2009

arrow-through-heart - Aug 18 2009

“We haven’t told a story about when you were a kid for a long time. Can you remember something that happened when you were — I don’t know — ten years old?”

“Well, I remember looking for my Mom in Riverdale Park. That would have been 1959, I think. She was threatening that she would was going to kill herself after a big argument with my Dad. She even took a pairing knife with her.”

“What happened?”

“Oh, she came home.”

Reaching the limits

August 10, 2009

limits - Aug 10 2009

“Now isn’t she the sweetest girl you ever met? And also she gives me change most times she comes by, but she also gives me that smile hers too. Boy I’m telling you, if I was 20 years younger, you bet I would take her home, no question. You can’t do better.”

Brightening up a bit

August 7, 2009

Tony brightening up his sign - Aug 7 2009

“What are you doing with your sign?”

“Just brightening it up a bit. It fades after a while.”

In the air

August 5, 2009

Hamlet - Aug 5 2009

“Thank God that garbage strike is finally¬† over. What a stink. And I know what a stink is, I can tell you.”

Not alone

August 4, 2009

2 women on bikes - Aug 4 2009

“Hey Phil. How’re doing this morning?”

“I’m tired and I feel like crap.”

“You’re definitely not alone on that one, if you know what I mean.”

If you are not willing to risk the uusual you will have to settle for the ordinary
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