A much-delayed update about the much-delayed bench to commemorate Tony

November 27, 2012

Hello all,
Here’s the latest from Pat Dixon, who has taken responsibility for getting Tony’s bench installed:

I’ve contacted Gord Perks’s [local city councillor’s office, the “street furnishings” department with the city, and the commemorative bench people.  I’ve also received approval personally from Mabel’s Bakery to locate the bench in front of the store.   I’m just hoping to get (in writing) a confirmation that there won’t be a problem with our preferred bench or the installation, before I go ahead and take steps toward ordering the bench, inscription, and installation.


More when I know more.   ps

One Response to “A much-delayed update about the much-delayed bench to commemorate Tony”

  1. Gwen Says:

    Delighted to hear it’s on the way… I say “good morning Tony” each time I pass Mabel’s and would love to sit with him on “his bench”. I’ve been wondering when it might be put in place, but fully understand that getting everything in place, with the city and the supplier etc. takes time… thanks to those who are looking after this…

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