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Exposed on the cliffs of the heart

March 15, 2011

“That tsunami over in Japan … it just makes me sick in my heart looking at those pictures and how bad things are for those people.  We’ve all got to be praying for them and I hope the nuclear problems don’t even get worse from here.”

Be still, my beating heart

May 29, 2010

“Did I tell you about this morning when this guy sat down on the other side of the tree from me? Next thing you know, three cherry tops show up and the cops pop out and I say to myself: ‘What did I do this time?’  Turns out they’re looking for the other guy. Well, I’m glad I got out of that one.”

News from home

November 5, 2009

Pony Express poster - Nov 5 2009

“Sharon [Tony’s sister] put a comment on the blog that she wanted to know what was happening since we hadn’t updated it in a while, which is true. I guess you could call it a slow news day, sort of.”

“Well, you can tell her that my ticker’s fine and my lungs are OK but my kidneys are putting up a good  fuss today. And you can tell her I miss her too.”

“I’ll post it as soon as I get home.”

On the street once more

October 16, 2009

Tonys face - Oct 15 2009

Tony was sprung — so to say — yesterday. He’s back at his old location. His face has good colour (it’s autumn, after all). I bought him a coffee from Alternative Grounds and I gave him a toonie so he could buy a bagel from Mabel’s.


Under Dec 3rd in the 1030-1200 slot,

The big C

October 5, 2009

3 - Tony in Hospital  - Oct 5 2009

2 - Tony in Hospital  - Oct 5 2009

1 - Tony in Hospital  - Oct 5 2009

Hi Everyone,

I just visited Tony at St. Joe’s. He’s got cancer, probably in the lungs, though it’s not certain if it’s in one lung or two — or even which lung. While I was there, the doctors took him for an x-ray, but I don’t know the results, — if any. In addition, he’s got heart problems, and an ugly hernia protruding from his upper abdomen. The three photos above is what he looked like at about 230pm today.

He seemed depressed and feared that they might release him.

Tony wants to thank Gwen and Cathy for coming to visit; the bananas were yummy.

More when I know.


Where the heart is

August 18, 2009

arrow-through-heart - Aug 18 2009

“We haven’t told a story about when you were a kid for a long time. Can you remember something that happened when you were — I don’t know — ten years old?”

“Well, I remember looking for my Mom in Riverdale Park. That would have been 1959, I think. She was threatening that she would was going to kill herself after a big argument with my Dad. She even took a pairing knife with her.”

“What happened?”

“Oh, she came home.”

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