Exposed on the cliffs of the heart

March 15, 2011

“That tsunami over in Japan … it just makes me sick in my heart looking at those pictures and how bad things are for those people.  We’ve all got to be praying for them and I hope the nuclear problems don’t even get worse from here.”

One Response to “Exposed on the cliffs of the heart”

  1. Galaxian Says:

    The disaster in Sendai, and up and down the Japanese coast, looks truly horrific now, something you would never wish even upon your worst enemies. It’s funny how one realizes that parts of the world once thought to harbor creatures akin to Martians are actually the homes of human beings, mothers with children, and an enterprising young man washed 20 km to oceanward aboard the roof of what had been his house. It just takes Mother Nature in a bit of an irritated mood to force cognizance of our fellows upon us.

    The helplessness of an ex-homeless galaxian to relieve immense human suffering is immediately apparent, though I have sent a brief note of condolence.

    The state of the ruined nuclear power plants is probably among the least of the worries of folks hit by this tragedy. While pollution by radionuclides is hardly a trivial issue, the threat to human life posed by this is no greater than threats due to mundane, uncelebrated harms like soot rising from poorly ventilated cooking fires in poor parts of the world.

    I do not consider myself a left-wing idealist. However, the world is in such the parlous state it is because of the grabbiness with respect to material security and comfort seen in our race, where each individual child is being taught to esteem herself and her own needs higher than those of the ball upon which she walks during the brevity of her time on earth.

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