And not a word was spoken

October 13, 2011

“So I’m just going to post that you didn’t really have anything to say today, OK?”

“That’s what I said.”

11 Responses to “And not a word was spoken”

  1. Rhianne Says:

    Phil, my name is Rhianne and I work at Mabel’s. I’ve just heard that the EMS have arrived where Tony sits and things don’t look good, I think they are taking him to St. Joe’s.

  2. Alex Says:

    Philip…Tony is in really bad shape today. He was taken to St.Joes with barely a pulse. EMS arrived and performed CPR at 4.00pm or so. It was quite bad this time.

  3. Chris Says:

    From what I gathered, he passed away. Rest in peace Tony. The neighbourhood won’t be the same without you.

  4. Bethany Says:

    You will be greatly missed….you touched the hearts of many. xox

  5. Maggie Says:

    Everytime I passed him on the street, he always said, Hello dear. I’ll miss him.

  6. Mike Paradis Says:

    He was my Ronci ‘hey guy’ and my information man. It wasn’t a Ronci morning or afternoon without getting the scoop on Ronci Construction from Toni. I’ll Never forget him. He was the friendliest homeless guy I ever met. Always kept up a decent appearance and was polite with everyone from what I saw. You’ll be missed Tony. May you find your way to the “big rock candy mountains” in the clouds.

  7. I lived at ronce 3 years ago and met tony every day.Never bothered me and was a gentleman.Rip tony.Sorry i never helped you.
    harold chernofsky

  8. C.W Says:

    I feel so sad that I didn’t get to know him better. He was always so kind and always had a friendly hello. I remember finding 40$ on the street one day, seeing Tony at Timothy’s and running over to give him a portion of my findings. He was very appreciative and I was glad to share my winfall. He’ll be missed on Roncy and thought of often!

  9. oh Toni! I cannot believe you are gone! you were my best friend in the whole world! I left one last bun for you! And because of you I am a better person , god bless may Elmo always keep the kids smiling!

  10. Laura Hansch Says:

    Rest In Peace Tony, Laura and Kris are your long time friends from the past, we are sending our sympathy to ur family and friends. You were our good friend.
    We are missing u already…

  11. Gordon Foster Says:

    Hey there, big guy. I finally found out your name. I was in St. Joe’s myself with three fractures from an accident the morning they brought you in but I can’t remember if I was still in the ER after 4:00 pm when you arrived. My daughter told me you had passed away when I got out Friday evening. I’ll really miss running into you here and there and chatting for a bit, and I’m sure glad you liked those socks I gave you.



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