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Take 2

March 2, 2011

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“How goes?”

“Just to tell you frankly, Phil, I’m feeling like hell, if you know what I mean.”

“Don’t worry, I believe you. What happened?”

“That’s my birthday for you, I’ll tell you. Folks came by and gave three cakes, one of those pies and I also got this bottle of wine too. So you know what the worst part is?   The worst part of it is, you know, I don’t even drink normally, but I went and drank that one and I don’t remember anything about the last night or anything. My headjust  feels like I got a whole road crew inside it. Thank God that girl had some Advils for me.”


Killer brand preference

December 10, 2010

“Look what some guy handed me just before I got on the bus last night: a full pack of Peter Jackson’s. “Pretty good, eh?”

“Are they the best?”

“Well if I had to choose, that would be Export A’s. But lots of folks can’t handle those ones. Those are the real killers if you ask me.”

Smoke and mirrors

October 5, 2010

“I wonder where I going to get my first cigarette this morning.”

On the double

June 8, 2010

“Phil, how about I buy you a coffee this morning?”

“Now that’s an offer I can’t refuse.”

“That’s the idea, if you know what I mean.”

Feet in the clouds

May 14, 2010

“Check out my new shoes. You know, they go for more than $100 a pair.  The guy up at the shoe store gave ’em to me.”

“How did that happen?”

“Well, he walks down the street, he looks at my shoes and he tells me I should have better shoes. Next thing you know, he brings me into the store, he goes in the back and comes ou with these and he just gives me them. And, let me tell you, are they comfortable, you know. It’s like walking on a cloud in these.”

Flower power

June 23, 2009

Tony with carnation - June 23 2009

“Hey Phil, look what a lady just gave me. Nice, eh?”

Coffee Anonymous

January 30, 2009


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