Killer brand preference

December 10, 2010

“Look what some guy handed me just before I got on the bus last night: a full pack of Peter Jackson’s. “Pretty good, eh?”

“Are they the best?”

“Well if I had to choose, that would be Export A’s. But lots of folks can’t handle those ones. Those are the real killers if you ask me.”

One Response to “Killer brand preference”

  1. Bryon L Harvey Says:

    Tell Tony he’s not he only one who does work and then has problems getting paid for it. This ends yet another non-profit venture..and it will be the last for me. No more..I can’t take it. I will probably see the internet connection go off shortly..and really does not matter.

    I have good friends and that’s all that really the long run.

    I have been homeless too..I live in public housing here in Tennessee. There are no like Tony..I have to take what I can get. And I will. 🙂


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