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Reality bites

November 29, 2011

“I wish I’d taken better care of my teeth back then when I had a chance. That’s something you just can’t get back, ever.”

Eternal flame

November 26, 2011

This snippet is from March 2009:

“What job would you want to do if you could choose anything?”

“That’s a fireman.”

“A fireman?  Why’s that?”

“It just feels good to rescue someone. And you know that those ladies love their firemen. That’s gotta be the best part, if you know what I mean.”

The good and the great

November 24, 2011

This conversation happened around the time I learned of Tony’s limo-driving past:

“You were saying before what happened when you got your limo stuck in the snow. Did you have any passengers?

“Yup I sure did. She was an important one but I didn’t ever figure out who she really was. Anyway, she was out in the  flash of a dog’s tail, and helped us push the car out. And she was a strong one but she destroyied her nice shoes. And then we laughed about it whe I drove her to the hotel. Now that was fun. She was great.”

There are limits

November 22, 2011

“Hey Phil, you know what’s mind-blowing?  It’s just that I know so many secrets from people —  it would blow your mind.”

“What brought that up?”

“The lady there, she just told me a story when she was young. I’ll bet you she’s never told one person until today. I don’t even know why she keeps it secret. Like my friend used to say, it wouldn’t bother my maiden aunt, what she said if you ask me.”

“Why did she tell you about it?”

“Sometimes you’ve  just gotta tell someone something, that’s all.”

“Does that mean that you’re about to tell me a secret too?”

“Not on the blog I won’t. My secrets are staying right here with me, if you know what I mean.”


November 18, 2011

This exchange is from sometime before Christmas, though I don’t know which year. The Arthur Rachman painting above reminds me of one of the most unbelievable of Tony’s many unbelievable experiences:

“Is there anything you don’t especially like about Christmas?”

“Well there’s one thing, when rich people should be helping poor people more like the good Lord told us. There’s something wrong with being a Scrooge, especially when you’re talking about single mothers and their kids. You gotta help if you can, if you know what I mean.”

I remember when

November 17, 2011

Hello all,
I’ve got so many notes from the many conversations we had over the years. Especially as the blog has attracted a much larger following in the last four weeks, I will write them down properly and post them. Here’s one:

“You know where I want to go to end my old age?”

“Where? Why are you thinking that?”

“Don’t tell me that you don’t think about it yourself. Anyway, I’m keeling over when I’m near the ocean if I can and I’ve never seen the ocean in my whole life. So that’s my way to go if you want my opinion.”

Good-bye, Jenna Morrison

November 9, 2011

It’s likely that Tony had spoken to Jenna from time to time. And he would have been shocked to know she’s gone. That she was mother to a five-year old and was expecting another child would have particularly upset him. Rest in peace, Jenna Morrison.

Over the years, Tony faced danger near the Sterling-Dundas intersection where Jenna died. Here’s two instances:

Earth to Tony

November 5, 2011

Here’s two close-up photos of the memorial shown in the post of Nov 2, 2011. Note the many exquisite details, esp the amazing wireframe chair. Who made this?!

Bench warming

November 4, 2011

We’ve raised $1,300 and still counting!  Thank you to all. If you would like to participate, you’re invited to leave a donation at the counter at Alternative Grounds, Another Story and Mabel’s Bakery.

The photo is from our posting of Oct 25, 2007. The wreath and candles were placed anonomously in memory of Silvio, a homeless man who was beaten up and left to die nearby.

Two photos of a home-shaped memorial for Tony

November 2, 2011

Photos by Kelvin Soh: Oct 29 in Dufferin Grove Park.

If anyone knows who created this stunning objet d’art, please let me know in the comments section. Thanks.

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