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I remember when

November 17, 2011

Hello all,
I’ve got so many notes from the many conversations we had over the years. Especially as the blog has attracted a much larger following in the last four weeks, I will write them down properly and post them. Here’s one:

“You know where I want to go to end my old age?”

“Where? Why are you thinking that?”

“Don’t tell me that you don’t think about it yourself. Anyway, I’m keeling over when I’m near the ocean if I can and I’ve never seen the ocean in my whole life. So that’s my way to go if you want my opinion.”

Mixing it up

June 22, 2011

“Did we ever talk about the Stanley Cup?”

“It was bad, Phil. I always liked the Bruins since they’re one of the original teams, but you gotta support the Canadian teams first, you know. On the other hand, going and turning over cars and what they did in Vancouver isn’t Canadian in my mind. So I don’t know what you can make of all that but that’s my opinion if you ask me.”

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