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So sad

December 8, 2009

“You got any smokes?”

“Hey mn, you know I don’t smoke.”

“What do you mean … I’ve seen you smoking.”Hell, you;ve had one with me the other day, for god’s sakes.”

“Well, that’s kinda my point. I don’t carry smokes. I bum ’em off you or someone. Even you. You know that.”

“Well right now, I gotta admit, I wish you smoked.”

“Too bad; so sad.”

The big C

October 5, 2009

3 - Tony in Hospital  - Oct 5 2009

2 - Tony in Hospital  - Oct 5 2009

1 - Tony in Hospital  - Oct 5 2009

Hi Everyone,

I just visited Tony at St. Joe’s. He’s got cancer, probably in the lungs, though it’s not certain if it’s in one lung or two — or even which lung. While I was there, the doctors took him for an x-ray, but I don’t know the results, — if any. In addition, he’s got heart problems, and an ugly hernia protruding from his upper abdomen. The three photos above is what he looked like at about 230pm today.

He seemed depressed and feared that they might release him.

Tony wants to thank Gwen and Cathy for coming to visit; the bananas were yummy.

More when I know.


The long now

May 4, 2009


“Man, I could use a cigarette right now.”

“What’s up?”

“I’m just needing a cigarette right now, if you know what I mean.”

She quits, he scores

March 24, 2009


“You always seem to have some cigarettes on you. How does that work?”

“Well, there’s lots of ways I get ’em. Mostly, people give ’em to me. Like, there’s this woman — one of my regulars — she’s trying to quit. So she buys herself a pack, she takes out six cigarettes and then she gives me the rest. So when I find a pack with 14 cigarettes in my hat, I know she’s been by.”

Blown smoke

August 8, 2008

“You know, I’ve spent nearly an hour asking people if they have a smoke to spare and I ain’t got one yet.”

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