The big C

October 5, 2009

3 - Tony in Hospital  - Oct 5 2009

2 - Tony in Hospital  - Oct 5 2009

1 - Tony in Hospital  - Oct 5 2009

Hi Everyone,

I just visited Tony at St. Joe’s. He’s got cancer, probably in the lungs, though it’s not certain if it’s in one lung or two — or even which lung. While I was there, the doctors took him for an x-ray, but I don’t know the results, — if any. In addition, he’s got heart problems, and an ugly hernia protruding from his upper abdomen. The three photos above is what he looked like at about 230pm today.

He seemed depressed and feared that they might release him.

Tony wants to thank Gwen and Cathy for coming to visit; the bananas were yummy.

More when I know.


10 Responses to “The big C”

  1. Sharon Says:

    Philip ,thank you for the up date on Tony.
    I will call Rose to let her know.thank you Sharon

  2. Rhianne Says:

    Thank you so much for the update, Phil. Tell Tony that everyone on the street is asking about him and misses him.

  3. Zip Says:

    Hi Philip,

    Please give my good thoughts to Tony, and let him know someone from Holland is rooting for him. I’ve been reading your blog for a while and sure am glad Tony has been found. I’m sorry his health is so bad right now,

  4. Maya Says:

    I’m glad to hear Tony is in the hospital and getting the treatment he needs. Hopefully this new diagnosis will help him get into a care centre to receive all the addition treatment he will need. Hang on in there Tony. You’re a trooper and a survivor. Sending blessings and prayers.

  5. Ken Says:

    I hope that you will get all of the help you need. As a teaching lesson, it was interesting to see what a hernia looked like.
    All the best Tony.

  6. Sally Says:

    Kind thoughts and prayers from Philadelphia.

  7. Great article. There’s a lot of good info here, though I did want to let you know something – I am running Fedora with the latest beta of Firefox, and the design of your blog is kind of quirky for me. I can read the articles, but the navigation doesn’t work so well.

  8. […] all, Tony just called me from the hospital. He’s been admitted to St. Joe’s for bleeding in his lungs. I will see him later today and let everyone know what I find out. In the meantime, I can say that […]

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