A Toast for Tony …

November 16, 2016


Saturday, Nov 26, 2016 – 2pm-4pm
@ The Local – Live music by Kate Cash
396 Roncesvalles Av.

When he died five years ago, Tony left us memories and smiles … celebrate his life and friendships … join us in recognising a Roncesvalles institution and a unique social media pioneer.

With his trusty Elmo doll at his side, Tony never had more fun than when connecting with children … so, if you can, bring a donation in the form of an Elmo doll or other toy … or contribute some loonies to our Holiday Fund, all for the patients at the Hospital for Sick Children.

Here’s the event listing on Facebook facebook.com/events/153890465081706. If you want to know more, connect with me at homelessmanspeaks@gmail.com.



8 Responses to “A Toast for Tony …”

  1. StephF Says:

    The link for the Facebook event didn’t work for me but am planning to attend.

  2. StephF Says:

    Still broken from my end. Is there a group I can search for to RSVP?

  3. Tanya clemens Says:

    I wish I saw this sooner . would’ve have loved to come out and celebrate my grandfather

  4. Sharon Clemens Says:

    The pictures for not here .Can you please e-mail at to me. Thank you.

  5. A toast for Tony was great. I know this post Pandemic we would definitely have a lot of toasts to be made. Thank you.

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