OMG! A brilliant spoof of Homeless Man Speaks on YouTube

February 16, 2012

Direct link:
Hi all,
My friend, Kevin Healey, at just randomly stumbled on this spendid and gentle parody of our blog. These students (at Regent’s College in London, UK)  are a dangerously clever bunch.

I wonder whether this might the first time that any blog has been riffed, ripped and remixed into video. (Does anyone know more?)

6 Responses to “OMG! A brilliant spoof of Homeless Man Speaks on YouTube”

  1. Maggie Says:

    not sure what to make of the video.
    found it partly affecting and partly offensive somehow.
    I wasn’t sure in what spirit the video was made.

  2. Sharon Clemens Says:

    Not like Tony Clemens at all

  3. Philip Stern Says:

    Hi Sharon and all,
    Hmmmm. Here’s what I think. We shd start by recognising this film is the product of a school project. Indeed, the assignment could well have been to riff, rip and remix a blog for video. And the video itself wasn’t meant for those who knew Tony — Kevin only discovered it when searching for another homelessness-related video. These students never met Tony. So they’ve only had a selected set of blog snippets to work with.

    In this light, I think they’ve done an excellent job, but I agree with everyone that the real Tony was a different, sharper, darker and more complex human than portrayed.

    In this case, that’s totally OK with me. As Gandhi pointed out: “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.” And I speak as the plastic cup (!) in the film. 🙂

    Not unimportantly, I think that Tony would enjoy this bit of gentle satire. He wouldn’t see the film as cruel (I think) and nor do I.

    ps: Also, as far as I can determine, the film is a world first in that a video has been used to “respond” to a blog. All very 21st century to me. [Tony had an impact!]


    • Constantin Brandenburg Says:

      Dear Phil,
      I’m Constantin Brandenburg and was involved in the making of this film.
      Could you either send ( or post your e-mail address as a reply to this so I can write you an e-mail?

      We didn’t want to offend anyone and if you want the film to disappear I will be willing to do so, but more of that in the e-mail.
      Thank you!

  4. Michele G. Says:

    Wow, I sure wish Tony could have seen this! I think he would have been amused, and amazed that his blog had such an impact……………..still thinking of Tony every time I walked down Roncesvalles.

  5. fran freeman Says:

    Video no longer available–wish I could’ve seen this.

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