Believe it

May 22, 2013

Einstein quote - HMS

Hi all,
It’s has been a long time coming (see my post from December, below) …  but  I can now report that there’s been substantial progress on Tony’s bench, the upshot of which is that I won’t be surprised to see the bench installed before the end of July. Also, everyone involved should hear that, instead of the location in front of Mabel’s, the bench will be installed about 30 feet north, in front of Timothy’s at the SE corner of Roncesvalles and Grenadier; benches aren’t permitted in areas of interlocking brick; only concrete sidewalks will do.

Thanks to donors for your quasi-infinite patience. And, of course, thanks to Pat Dixon for her infinite efforts.

I will keep you apprised.


3 Responses to “Believe it”

  1. Gwen Says:

    Hi Phil… thanks for this good news update… and thanks to Pat for looking after the bench and its installation… I’m sure it was a tedious and slow process to work through… looking forward to trying it out with Tony in the near future…

  2. joshman9957 Says:

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  3. Sharon Clemens Says:

    Phil, Thank you very much for the update . I will come to Toronto to sit on the bench with my big Brother. Thank you to everyone that helped with the bench.

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