Are you sitting down?

October 11, 2013


It’s Tony’s brand new bench, sitting proud in front of Timothy’s Coffee atn the south-east corner of Roncesvalles and Grenadier. Generously paid for by contributions by people like you and installed by the city. While the plaque isn’t installed yet, a team of sympathetic hardworking — if opinionated — folk who knew and cared about Tony has settled on the wording:


3 Responses to “Are you sitting down?”

  1. gwen Says:

    Saw the bench today…absolutely beautiful… Tony would love it… thanks so much to those who spent time and energy to bring this about…

  2. Ash Says:

    It is so sad. Being homeless is very difficult. If only there could be settlements where people could build makeshift huts. They need to allow street corner vendors who can set up tables to sell goods. There are rows of homeless people downtown. No showers.. How inexpensive would it be to build a few outdoor showers. Life would improve tremendously. Many might not be able to get jobs. This would help. So sad that cars, churches, buildings sit empty at night, yet people die on the streets. I pray for the homeless people. I pray they would find cars to sleep in.

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