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Are you sitting down?

October 11, 2013


It’s Tony’s brand new bench, sitting proud in front of Timothy’s Coffee atn the south-east corner of Roncesvalles and Grenadier. Generously paid for by contributions by people like you and installed by the city. While the plaque isn’t installed yet, a team of sympathetic hardworking — if opinionated — folk who knew and cared about Tony has settled on the wording:


A much-delayed update about the much-delayed bench to commemorate Tony

November 27, 2012

Hello all,
Here’s the latest from Pat Dixon, who has taken responsibility for getting Tony’s bench installed:

I’ve contacted Gord Perks’s [local city councillor’s office, the “street furnishings” department with the city, and the commemorative bench people.  I’ve also received approval personally from Mabel’s Bakery to locate the bench in front of the store.   I’m just hoping to get (in writing) a confirmation that there won’t be a problem with our preferred bench or the installation, before I go ahead and take steps toward ordering the bench, inscription, and installation.


More when I know more.   ps

Bench warming

November 4, 2011

We’ve raised $1,300 and still counting!  Thank you to all. If you would like to participate, you’re invited to leave a donation at the counter at Alternative Grounds, Another Story and Mabel’s Bakery.

The photo is from our posting of Oct 25, 2007. The wreath and candles were placed anonomously in memory of Silvio, a homeless man who was beaten up and left to die nearby.

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