Tony gets off

January 24, 2009


“I got off yesterday.”

“What was that???”

“The judge said I didn’t have to do my 20 hours of community service. And you know who saved me … it was the crown prosecutor.”


“The crown prosecutor.”

“The crown prosecutor argued on your behalf?”

“Yup. He said that the case should never’ve got this far. He told the judge that the evidence just wasn’t strong enough. He said that I wasn’t at the wheel of the car, plus there weren’t any fingerprints that tied me to the crime.

“Then the judge said that he knew I was having trouble getting a place to do my 20 hours of the community service. He’d even read the blog about it.”

“So that’s it, no community service?”

“Yeah, but I’ll still try to help when I can.”

4 Responses to “Tony gets off”

  1. lina Says:

    Oj Simpson got off that doesn’t mean he’s not guilty.The best community service Tony could give is to get a job and quit bothering people who earn their money for a living.

  2. Allison Taylor Says:

    Easy to call from the cheap seats.

  3. Maya Says:

    lina, in the scenario of this blog you’ve cast yourself
    into the the part of – judge, finger pointer, critic.

    Here’s something I invite you to consider re the
    homeless Tony –

    There but for the grace of god (or whatever you
    believe in) go I.


  4. jess Says:

    lina i really dont see how you can be in the position to judge ANY homeless person and decide what he would be best doing with his life/time. asking for money is no grand harassment and you would do well to be more tolerant of others lifestyles, especially since not all lifestyles are by choice. also, why imply that Tony is guilty? assumptions are usually made when someone is being too ignorant/lazy to actually bother finding out what ACTUALLY happened.

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