Death of a salesman

January 26, 2011

“Well that’s another of us gone. Did you know that Marty’s dead?  He just died over the weekend.”

“Who’s Marty?”

“You know the short homeless guy who was selling the newspapers in front of Sobey’s just down Ronces?  Well he died.”

“Sure, I remember him but I didn’t know his name was Marty. He seemed a nice guy to me.”

“He was saying how he was feeling terrible and went to the hospital on Saturday and he had a heart attack and he died Sunday. You know he was turning 50 next week, eh?”

“You mean 60? He couldn’t have been just 49. He looked way too old for being 49.”

“Well let me tell you, he put a lot of things into himself in his life that shouldn’t have been put in there — and he liked a drink too so you know what I mean.”

One Response to “Death of a salesman”

  1. Sharon Clemens Says:

    Hey , Tony sorry to hear about Marty

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