Death be not proud

October 10, 2007


“Your face looks like there’s something wrong. What’s going on?”

“You know my friend with the scruffy beard who sits down the street sometimes? Well, his girlfriend just died. Anyway, I’m trying to get some dollars together so I can get her some flowers.”

“Tony, excuse me for saying so but you don’t even have a roof over your head; you can’t go spending money on flowers.”

“Yea Phil, but she was my friend too.”

7 Responses to “Death be not proud”

  1. Erica Says:

    Tony, so sorry about your friend. Anything we can do? Take care of yourself.

  2. claudia Says:

    Im sorry too. It’s hard to want to be able to do something during times like that. Hope you were able to get the flowers.

  3. henry Says:

    tony, maybe you could get a piece of wood, just a small one, and write a message on it. then, wherever she ends up you could mark your thoughts with the little stake.
    flowers don’t last so very long but when i see a grave with a memento on it then i feel it’s more special.
    and if you don’t want wanyone else to read it you can drive it right into the ground.
    sorry, i’m not religious but everyone deserves a recognition and a memory.
    good luck!

  4. Dear,Big Brother Your friend will be with some good friends in Heaven with Mom ,& big Sharon up there you can not go wrong . your loving sister Sharon

  5. Maya Says:

    blessings to you Tony. a person who lives even one day with a heart as beautiful and open as yours, lives a richer life than those who live one hunderd years with their hearts closed.


  6. Janey Says:

    Like many of the posts in this blog, this entry touched me. It is too easy to judgmentally believe how the homeless should spend their money. It is too easy to forget they have hard decisions to make as well, and sometimes a bed for the night doesn’t always win out.

    My condolences to Tony and his friend down the street.

    My thanks to Phil for bringing the story behind the obvious story to our consciousness and giving Tony a voice that can be heard by so many more. Hopefully our understanding will grow.

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