Is there anyone who can provide Tony with an opportunity to do 20 hours of “commun- ity service”?

November 25, 2008

Tony needs to perform 20 hours of community service in order to avoid jail time. He tells me that qualified organizations are preferring young people as volunteers. Thus, he’s not found any opportunity to do his community service. Can anyone help?


5 Responses to “Is there anyone who can provide Tony with an opportunity to do 20 hours of “commun- ity service”?”

  1. grace Says:

    the heart and stroke foundation is always looking for ppl to canvass during heart month in jan/feb

  2. Stephanie Says:

    St. Francis Table and PARC are both in Parkdale and should accept him as a volunteer. Also, the Salvation Army would probably accept him as well.

    I know St. Francis Table the best and I think it should be quite easy for him to get his hours in there. It’s on Queen St. W. just past Brock Ave.

  3. Philip Stern Says:

    Stephanie and Grace,
    I will pass these along later today if Tony is around. Thanks.

  4. missionlog Says:

    If Tony still needs hours, ask him to stop by the Bloor Lansdowne Community dinner, 1307 Bloor W, just east of the Value Village – any Wednesday from 6-8pm. He can ask for me, Andy, or Joe. We can probably offer him all the hours he needs ( and a good home cooked dinner too). By the way, anyone in the area is welcome to come to the dinner – maybe we’ll see you there. Andy

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