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Donations to help the Roncesvalles community buy and install a commemoration bench for Tony

October 27, 2011

Until Saturday, the TD Canada Trust branch (one block south of Howard Park Ave) is accepting donations. If we end up with more money than we require for the bench,  the surplus will be used in a fashion acceptable to Tony’s family and to the volunteers involved in the ongoing commemorative effort. [Ed Lamb is in charge of donations; if you want his contact information, please email me at

The photo above is from our posting of Aug 20, 2007.

It’s OK

October 29, 2009

Jaime Montreal poster - Oct 29 2009

“You’re looking something happy. Did you get lucky or something?”

“Very funny. Wait until my wife reads this.”

“OK. So now I get to ask you for once: ‘What’s up with you with that big smile?'”

“Ignatieff made a big decision. He’s doing what he’s gotta do.”

“You mean the Prime Minister?”

“Well, he’s not the Prime Minister, not yet,  anyways. But he’s got Peter Donolo on his team now. You know what’s cool? Peter’s a Montrealer, just like me. And he just turned 50, just like me.”

“So, do you know the guy? ”

“No. We went to different schools.  Anyway, things are looking up for the Grits and that makes me happy. That’s all.”

“OK. Good for you. Are you going calm down now?”

“OK. But just give me some slack, OK. ”

“OK. But can you buy me a coffee?”


The big C

October 5, 2009

3 - Tony in Hospital  - Oct 5 2009

2 - Tony in Hospital  - Oct 5 2009

1 - Tony in Hospital  - Oct 5 2009

Hi Everyone,

I just visited Tony at St. Joe’s. He’s got cancer, probably in the lungs, though it’s not certain if it’s in one lung or two — or even which lung. While I was there, the doctors took him for an x-ray, but I don’t know the results, — if any. In addition, he’s got heart problems, and an ugly hernia protruding from his upper abdomen. The three photos above is what he looked like at about 230pm today.

He seemed depressed and feared that they might release him.

Tony wants to thank Gwen and Cathy for coming to visit; the bananas were yummy.

More when I know.


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