My favourite me

August 20, 2007


6 Responses to “My favourite me”

  1. johndobbs Says:

    Has Tony ever heard from his Nephew?

  2. Maya Says:

    what a nice looking man. and he had a wife, and two children. this shoudn’t have happened to him. not ever.

    they say it takes a village, doesn’t it. then why doesn’t the Roncesvalles village do something.. for Tony. get him a place.


  3. I guess. Says:

    Don’t think he wants a place.

  4. 403girl Says:

    Aw. I love this picture. He’s so cute.

  5. dave k Says:

    hey tony its u budy dave from st. clarens ave hope u do ok see ya soon

  6. Hi, Big Brother this is the first picture of you I have seen in a long time. The last time I seen you was when Sharon passed away. Hugs and Kisses your sister Sharon

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