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Tony’s 59th birthday party – Tues, Feb 26 2008, 4:30-6pm – Gino’s: Howard Park and Dundas

February 23, 2008

Thumbs up

Be there.

On trial

February 20, 2008


As planned, Tony is in court today. Hopefully he’s not going back to into jail but you never know … you’ll know more when I do.


John gets a home

December 18, 2007

Water drops

“Where did you sleep last night?”

“Right now, I’m sleeping down in the basement at my friend Mike’s. I’ve been doing some work for him on and off. He needs a john in his place and I found one the other day that someone was throwing out — right there on the sidewalk not far from here. The whole toilet was there, no cracks or anything. So I hauled it over to Mike’s and I’m installing it for him.”

To drive the cold winter away

November 9, 2007

Tony’s old coat

The firing line

October 15, 2007

You’re fired

Message for Tony: Please call Philip

September 26, 2007

Jesse James

I’m looking for Tony. Tomorrow, he and I are participating in a 10am class at University of Toronto. Please have him call me at 416.930.5648. Thanks.

Homeless Man Reflects

September 8, 2007

Tony reads his blog

My favourite me

August 20, 2007


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