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Garbage in, garbage out

March 19, 2008


“Hey Tony, someone threw your stool into the garbage pail over there. He was just some regular guy. Me and another guy pulled it out and put it next to ‘your’ tree there.”

“Let me tell you, it happens all the time, Phil. You know, when you’re homeless, folks think that they can do anything they like with your property. It’s like we don’t even exist. ‘Course, then people wonder why homeless people stink after they gotta rescue their stuff from the garbage.”


January 14, 2008


That photo you posted on the blog yesterday, it makes it look like I’m sitting in the middle of a pile of garbage. It’s sad to see myself like that.

John gets a home

December 18, 2007

Water drops

“Where did you sleep last night?”

“Right now, I’m sleeping down in the basement at my friend Mike’s. I’ve been doing some work for him on and off. He needs a john in his place and I found one the other day that someone was throwing out — right there on the sidewalk not far from here. The whole toilet was there, no cracks or anything. So I hauled it over to Mike’s and I’m installing it for him.”

Still life without waste

October 28, 2007

Tony and wastebins

“D’you put those bins away every morning?”

“Every morning that I’m here I do.”

“Do you get paid?”

“No, I’m not getting paid by anyone; I’m just trying to be a good neighbour.”

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