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Garbage in, garbage out

March 19, 2008


“Hey Tony, someone threw your stool into the garbage pail over there. He was just some regular guy. Me and another guy pulled it out and put it next to ‘your’ tree there.”

“Let me tell you, it happens all the time, Phil. You know, when you’re homeless, folks think that they can do anything they like with your property. It’s like we don’t even exist. ‘Course, then people wonder why homeless people stink after they gotta rescue their stuff from the garbage.”

A cheesy old yarn

May 25, 2007

Rat marks

“Where’d you sleep last night?”

“On that porch I told you about. Like always, I hung my socks over the plywood to air ’em out. So some guy comes by and I think maybe he smelled my socks; anyway he asks me why I’m hanging my socks there so I told him I’m trying to keep the rats away but the problem is that they get used to the smell after a while.”

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