Still life without waste

October 28, 2007

Tony and wastebins

“D’you put those bins away every morning?”

“Every morning that I’m here I do.”

“Do you get paid?”

“No, I’m not getting paid by anyone; I’m just trying to be a good neighbour.”

3 Responses to “Still life without waste”

  1. heather Says:

    where can i find tony on a regular given day? he seems very interesting and i would love to give him food and talk to him

  2. Tony Says:

    Just north of Grenadier, in front of 335 Roncesvalles, typically from 8am – 5pm or so. But not always. Email me as to when you’ll be around. The next time I see Tony, I’ll let him know. Tks.
    philip [a]

  3. Steph Says:

    Thank you for the heartwarming post. I put out three big garbage bags for the Cerebral Palsy society on my stoop at Queen and Lansdowne and someone ripped the bags apart. The sad thing is, I purposely left the bags loosely tied in case anyone wanted to check out the items (and I put them in the more expensive green clear bags so any ‘vagrants’ (crackheads) could see them and politely pick through them if they deemed it necessary).


    They ripped the three bags and the clothes were strewn all over my walkway. I had to repackage them and when I was almost finished, I saw a pair of underwear next to a Walmart bag (figures) at the bottom of the pile. I had to take another 30 minutes to repackage all that stuff AND had to deal with that underwear.

    I’ve lived at this intersection for almost four years but enough is enough.

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