Eight-balls and empty pockets

March 29, 2008

 Newtonian mechanics

“Wow, you look really pissed off; I hope it’s not something I did; I wouldn’t want to be on your bad side when you’re looking the way you do right now.”

“No way, you’d hear from me about anything like that, that’s for sure.”

It’s my friend I’ve been telling you about. So he gets his welfare cheque, he promises me, he really promises me that he’s gonna use the money to feed himself and get a room. Next thing you know, he’s spend it all on crack and he’s got nothing left. Probably got 3 eight-balls with the dough. Now of course he wants me to help him. How’s he gonna get out of his situation if he can’t be a bit responsible, you know what I mean?”

2 Responses to “Eight-balls and empty pockets”

  1. Deb Says:

    Yeah, drug addiction’s a hard thing to witness…my brother was addicted for years and is celebrating 2 years in NA next month.

    Not much you can do, but I’d be inclined NOT to help him (that’s a hard thing to do – turn your back on an addict). It’s a tough call though…do you watch a friend suffer? On the other hand, helping them just allows them to continue the same behavior. Tough call.

    Take care Tony/Philip.

  2. If he goes without food for a day or two he may learn to safe some for food and not dope.Tony ,you know what I ‘m talking about from the past. Your Sister Sharon

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