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The good and the great

November 24, 2011

This conversation happened around the time I learned of Tony’s limo-driving past:

“You were saying before what happened when you got your limo stuck in the snow. Did you have any passengers?

“Yup I sure did. She was an important one but I didn’t ever figure out who she really was. Anyway, she was out in the  flash of a dog’s tail, and helped us push the car out. And she was a strong one but she destroyied her nice shoes. And then we laughed about it whe I drove her to the hotel. Now that was fun. She was great.”

Tears in heaven

October 29, 2011

I couldn’t not post this cartoon, Tony having looked forward to heaven for so long. If he’s checking our blog from his remote location, I expect the cartoon has set him laughing  — to the point of happy tears, I hope.    🙂

How’s it hanging?

July 20, 2009

michelangelo_david2 - July 20 2009

“So this lady walks by, like she does sometimes. She’s got a cane and she’s gotta be 80 or 85 or something. So she asks me : ‘How’s it hanging?’  I didn’t expect that, if you know what I mean. We both laughed, I can tell you.”

Smelling the coffee

July 6, 2009

Obama with coffee cup - July 6 2009

“Coffee smells pretty good first thing in the morning, if you ask me.”

“Where’s it from?”

“This lady came by, she was from the States and she told me to ‘have a good Independence Day’.  So, just to bug her, since she’s a Yank, I say: ‘Oh, isn’t that an American version of our Canada Day?  Well, we both laughed and then she got me this coffee.”

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