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Friends in need

December 2, 2011

“What do you remember about being a kid?”

“I was a fun kid, you know. I had friends and I had a good lot of them. Things were different then.”

“You’ve still got lots of friends …”

“Well maybe I have lots of friends now but its different when you’re a kid, you know. You can just have fun. Nowerdays when your a grownup, people need your help, and mostly I can’t give them what they want but at least I can smile and tell them ‘hello’ or ‘have a nice day’ or something. That perks people up, most of them anyways.”


The good and the great

November 24, 2011

This conversation happened around the time I learned of Tony’s limo-driving past:

“You were saying before what happened when you got your limo stuck in the snow. Did you have any passengers?

“Yup I sure did. She was an important one but I didn’t ever figure out who she really was. Anyway, she was out in theĀ  flash of a dog’s tail, and helped us push the car out. And she was a strong one but she destroyied her nice shoes. And then we laughed about it whe I drove her to the hotel. Now that was fun. She was great.”

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