That road not taken

June 25, 2009

Climate_Change_Science_and_Economics - june 25 2009

“Where were you yesterday?  I thought you said you were going to be here.”

“I was down at St. Joe’s with heat stroke …. one minute I’m crossing that overpass, the next I remember was being in the ambulance. The paramedic told me they found me on the sidewalk, which was good since I’d have been run over if I’d been on the road.”

2 Responses to “That road not taken”

  1. Sharon Says:

    May god Tony please take better care in the heat. I’m planning on come home for a visit on Aug 22 to Aug 29/09 . I’ll be staying at Rose’s house for the week and I’ll be coming by to see my big brither too.
    So please be save out there ok.Love your sister Sharon

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