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The tool of hard-knocks

June 4, 2009

MustangCircus Linament -- June 4 2009

“Did I ever tell you about my friend where his wife smacked him in the head with a rolling pin? I probably did but it’s a good one so I’ll tell you again …

“They’d never even been angry with each other before then and they’d been married for eight years. And then she hits with a rolling pin, one day, and I’ll tell you now, he deserved if you ask me. And so he gets taken to the hospital where you know, he can’t even recognize me, his buddy. He got better eventually but it was scary for everybody, if you know what I mean.”

“What about his wife, what did she do then?”

“She was just balling her eyes out right there in the hospital room. I don’t think she’ll ever use a rolling pin again, even for baking, if you know what I mean.”

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