State of denial

September 17, 2007

 Dylan Thomas

“I didn’t see you at the [Roncesvalles] street festival this weekend.”

“Well, one of the cops asked me not to be in the festival area. You know, you can see his point; folks just want to be having fun at the festival. They don’t want to be bothered by a guy like me. Anyway, I told the cop it was no problem … he was just doing his job, just the same as I was doing mine. Then he goes and cracks me up when he says: ‘Yeah, but I prefer my job to yours.’

“You gotta agree with him on that one.”

10 Responses to “State of denial”

  1. henry Says:

    From what I’ve seen of people having ‘fun’ at festivals it’s the cops that they don’t want to have hanging around.

  2. henry Says:

    Sorry, Tony and Philip.
    Chief Wiggum here has got my goat. If he’s such a eugenics expert why doesn’t he issue tickets to your town festival?
    I’d love a face-to-face with him and I’d tear him to pieces – I’m really good at doing that.
    Tony, never let scum like that run you down because if they get away with it once they treat it like normal.
    Tell Officer Dribble that I want his name, badge number, superior officer’s details and that I want to make an official complaint.
    I want phone numbers and email details for the whole police department there.
    I served five years in ‘the job’ in Brixton, London, during the riots, and saw things that would make him… well, you know.
    And when you get his details tell Constable Moron to look up ‘festival’ in the dictionary.

  3. Michael Says:

    Funny that, I prefer Tony’s job.

  4. Erica Says:

    I think majority of people have the notion, if they don’t have to be subjected to it, it’s easy to ignore it. Then they don’t have to address the problem at hand. Instead of shunning the homeless away they should have tried to raise some money or do something positive. But instead they’d rather stick their head in the sand. The cop was a douchebag for his last comment though. Not a very sensitive guy is he?

  5. Michael Says:

    How about Conviviality? Tsk tsk, Henry. So much hatred. Do not become all that you hate in the actions of said Police Officer. Perhaps Tony ought to have said a word or two about his right to be there but I think he is the better man for being gracious and peaceful. We can have no peace if we are always waging war with each other, and in our hearts. Most especially in our hearts.

  6. henry Says:

    There’s a big difference between hatred and indignation.
    I don’t hate Officer Dribble, I just don’t think that his remarks were in any way appropriate particularly as they came from a public servant.
    I agree with you when you sat that Tony was gracious about the snide way he was attacked for the ‘crime’ of being poor.
    If you want to go around Tsk Tsk-ing people perhaps you might want to phone Chief Wiggum and ask him if only children from rich families are going to be permitted to celebrate Christmas this year?

  7. henry Says:

    Hello there to both Tony and Philip.
    Hope you don’t mind but I’ve had my blog linked to yours.
    I’m here in England and you are both thousands of miles away but I find your work important and, the way that you do it,
    Carry on and never give up.
    See a wrong, then right it – Get knocked down then fight it!

    Peace be with you and may I thank you for reminding me of the Golden Rule.


  8. Tony Says:

    More links to HMS is exactly what we want! Thanks.

    Tks too for your enthusiastic commendation.

    Tony and Philip

  9. Erica Says:

    Out of curiosity, would there be some way a person could send needed items to Tony? Or is it strictly cash donations at this point?

  10. alex Says:

    It made feel good that you were able to project your soul,through your friend, and i have to thank him for that.
    he gave me the chance to feel you… despite all the noise,the one inside and the one outside.

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