Bump on a log

September 21, 2007

Logs alone

“Where were you the last few days?”

“You’ll never believe this. I fell asleep in back of a truck on Wednesday night, I think it was. So while I was sleeping, the driver drove up to Huntsville. I didn’t feel a bump, I was sleeping like log. So I woke up in Huntsville and then it took me two days get back here to Toronto.

“The driver didn’t know you were there?

“Nope. Nobody knew where I was except me.”

6 Responses to “Bump on a log”

  1. Hi Tony: Glad you made it back! Thanks so much to you and Phil for the wonderful blog, and the opportunity to meet you today. Best of luck.

  2. Gord Says:

    In that truck…. God knew you were there.

    He likes to take us on unexpected adventures just like that…

    Keep up the good work Tony.

    Your blog is linked from mine. Blessings.

  3. Hi, Tony and Philip well Tony if the truck used hwy 11 you went pass my work place two time . I hope you how a good sleep on the way north. your Little Sister

  4. I work at Coffee Time doughnut shop on hwy 11 north just before Webers buger place.

  5. Tony Says:

    Hi Sharon,
    Tony wasn’t around this morning so I couldn’t pass along your msges. I’ll try again later this aft and get back to you with whatever he says.

    Regards, Philip

  6. henry Says:

    you really crack me up.
    i’d like to know more about you so why don’t you gig more for your audience?

    i’m not asking you to do a one-man-band or a literary review of blah-blah.

    i’m just really interested (and i suppose i hope you might be interested in me) in a bit more of your words of wisdom.

    cheers, matey,

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