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January 18, 2007


“What did you do last night?”

“I cooked up some Kraft Dinner. Four of ’em.”

“Exactly where did you do that?”

“I went over to my Dave’s, my friend Dave’s.”

“Anyway, my recipe for Kraft Dinner is you start by chopping up a fresh onion. You boil the noodles the same as always, drain it out, and put in the onion and cook it ’til the onion gets clear. Then you put in the cheese. I like extra cheese so later you grate in some mozzarella, about a quarter of a brick. Then you put in the margarine and cook it up a bit more. Then you put in cream to get it to the right thickness. Most people use milk but cream’s the one to use. Then you put in the mozzarella and stir it up.”

“You ate your way through four boxes of Kraft Dinner last night?”

“Yup. You think four’s a lot? I should tell you about going to the buffet once when I was working for George Segal. You’d like that one.”

9 Responses to “Arts and crafts”

  1. jayherron Says:

    CampFire Upside down cake-
    one box white cake mix
    one can pineapple chunks
    stick butter/margerine-optional
    anyone keeps a cast iron skillet hid somewhere-you need one!
    one campfire-essential
    TAKE THE SKILLET and pour the pineapple into it. Pour the cake mix on top of pineapple. Slice butter/margerine on top of cake mix.
    Situate (notice I said situate) the skillet over the fire-this is where the ‘skill’ in skillet comes in play…watch the cake mix and as the can of pineapple starts to bubble up and the butter melys down…soon you’ll get the grip of it. DO NOT FORGET-pour the whole can-juice and all-into the pan. The juice replaces eggs and milk and the fire replaces an oven and the ground where you build the fire replaces a kitchen. Traffic going by on the roadway as you cook this fun delight replaces TV programs…tons of fun!
    Please-God please…keep our friend Tony warm somehow.

  2. just me Says:

    Well I guess Tony wasn’t to hungry last night after 4 boxes of KD!
    But i guess this is where I just don’t get it?
    Why eat all 4 boxes at once, and the cream, who can afford that,
    Familys od 2 oe 3 eat 1 box of KD and are happy.
    What about tomorrow?
    It seem to me that tony is doing ok lots of people are giving him food and money a place to sleep at times.
    May be we need to look at some one who is in more need ?

  3. John Dobbs Says:

    When I read comments like “Just me” wrote, I have no question as to why homeless people are regarded with such prejudice. Perhaps, just me, you eat while you’ve got it … because there’s no promise you’ll have it tomorrow. But even if it is purely by choice … four boxes of Krap Mac and Cheese do not lift Tony above the level of need of which you speak.

  4. Dickson Coatworthy Says:

    There is this strange set of thinking, regarding the poor, that really bothers me as it appears so unfair: “oh, he got to eat one night, maybe he’s not as bad off as we think…” The illness of poverty is often rooted in this bias and not with people, smart people, who have slipped through a fragile and changeable social net. I always think but for the grace…you know. Why would anyone begrudge anyone food??? We really need to focus on the problems and not the blame.

  5. Shiz Says:

    That’s a LOT of KD.

    Mmmm, KD.

  6. Dickson Coatworthy Says:

    oh yeah, I forgot to say that…mmmmm KD….

  7. awareness Says:

    sounds like a filling feast! NOW……………spill the beans on working with George Segal and the buffet……….my curiosity is piqued!

  8. jen Says:

    Sounds like a slice of heaven. god knows it’s well deserved.

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