Notes from an exhibition

January 22, 2007

“Underneath, people are all pretty much the same.”

3 Responses to “Notes from an exhibition”

  1. jayherron Says:

    very profound statement Tony…
    in Sorbibor when the germans all of a sudden found themselves stuck with a large group of russian soldiers the only thing they could do was get some wire and divide the camp into two sections. the soldiers saw the division and noticed the submission of the captives on the other side of the fence,that side that held the death camp of Sorbibor.
    So the soldiers plotted with the jews and by some miracle they managed to take control of the nazis and the entire camp-and they held freedom in their hands and when it came upon them they had won all of them rushed the fence and half of them trampled the other half to death running to what they had already gained. Freedom.
    Here was a group of people all in the same line-the one towards the gas chamber…and when the damned door is opened its all for one.
    yup Tony-you said a mouthfull there!!

  2. Micah Cowan Says:

    Not sure I agree; at least, there are certainly some exceptions.

    It’s impossible to truly judge people by their opinions or actions, when saying and doing the right thing is encouraged and easy. The true test is what choices they make when the right thing is exceptionally dangerous. This is when you find the few exceptionals.

  3. awareness Says:

    yes we are………………beautifully imperfect human beings.

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