Tony picks guys in the red light district

December 26, 2006

Red light

“I worked for my aunt back when I was younger. She was a red lighter. I just hung around until she got the guy on the blocks. Then I’d get his pants and pick ’em.”

“How old were you?”

“About eight I think.”

Red lights

3 Responses to “Tony picks guys in the red light district”

  1. Mike E Says:

    I propose: If ya’ll folks up there in Toronto really want to help our good man Tony — & truly champion the plight of the Homeless — buy him a lap-top computer & a year’s supply of coffee from the shop by his spare-change spot.

    I’m spectacularly certain we’d all love to read what he writes on his very own blog!

  2. jayherron Says:

    …my first wife-the shotgun wedding bride. baby sat for this gal way back in the 70’s who had an eight year old kid ( the shotgun wedding bride took care of a toddler ) and the gal would take her kid to do the same thing-kid would lay under the bed in a motel and when his momma was working the kid was cleaning out the wallet.
    I did’nt know this about the woman until a guy at a service station ( that was back when they wiped your window and checked your oil ) connected my shotgun wedding bride and I with the woman and he filled me in…more in the sense he thought my shotgun wedding bride and the woman were all doing this together.
    That ended the babysitting…and,it really was’nt as much as if the momma wanted to do what she wanted to do-more power to ladies of the night who run a more legit way of being a red light lady. A kid? No…
    I remeber though-once way back as a kid about nine or ten…we swiped this guys pants while he and some lady were catching a minute in the back seat of a Ford. They were neatly folded and laying on the trunk lid ready for a few kids like us to come along. There might of been a wallet,cant recall-it was the opportunity to leave some poor sap stuck with out his drawers that gave us the hoot to holler!!
    Some life-man,you’ve had-you told it in just two or three sentences-interesting!
    You got things in touch with the late James Brown-boowha….hoop-a-roodie!!

  3. Madeline Says:

    This is a great blog Tony and Philip. Keep up the good work. Also can you tell me where I can make a donation to Tony? My sister actually lives right around the corner from where Tony is…

    P.S. I read about this in a beautifully written Globe and Mail article (12/28/06). I’m in London, ON!

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