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Page A3 of today’s Globe and Mail

December 20, 2006

The web address is:

For those asking how to get a monetary gift to Tony (other than by seeing him personally, which would be great), I will post an answer this week. I have contacted a Bay Street law firm to aid in ensuring that the gift handling process is secure and transparent (and is done on a pro bono basis). As soon as this is settled, you’ll be among the very first to know.

In Oct., when we launched, our mission was to change the widespread and often-not-fully-thought-through misconceptions about the homeless, and about marginalized people as a whole.

In solid, well-controlled studies done in the last 75 yrs, science has established that personal, human, visceral identification with another is the only reliable means of achieving attitude change.  And that’s what we’re up to, thanks to the Web. Please help change the world.

Thank you.

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