Way back when

January 10, 2008

Canada’s Coat-of-Arms

“Do you know, Oscar Peterson died?”

“Yup. Let me tell you, I remember Oscar Petersen. He was something. He was one of those great Canadians.”

3 Responses to “Way back when”

  1. johnnici Says:

    Tony are you there cause as I said before I’m new at this and I’ve been posting to old posts

  2. johnnici Says:

    By the way I’m John Bonnici it just dawned on me how it works with my blog

  3. johnnici Says:

    Tony, Philip anyone today is Sunday, January 13, 12:42 pm in cool overcast Toronto, actually its cold. When I’ve nothing to say the weather comes into play, makes a difference to you Tony? I’m not trying to be a smart a_s, some people like the cold I don’t.


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