The gotcha that ends the night

February 11, 2008

Big bird

“Damn it’s cold. It was -30 C with windchill last night they were saying — and I believe ’em. Hey, did you see my new guitar guy here?”

“Hard to miss him, actually.”

“You know that I spent 3 hours trying to fix him last night. Just wouldn’t work, even tried new batteries a couple of times. I tore the whole toy apart to find out what was wrong. Finally, I realized that I put the batteries in backwards. I just had put them in like the batteries go into Elmo. Boy, did that turn out to be a bad assumption.”

2 Responses to “The gotcha that ends the night”

  1. Maya Says:

    What a cute little guy (with the batteries) Ya, I often put the batteries
    in the wrong way too..

    But Tony it’s cold outside, what are you doing out and sitting yet.
    Gotta go in tonight, OK. I’ll be thinking of ya. Take care and go inside.

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