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Tony promotes under-age smoking

March 27, 2008

Elmo and cigarette

“Hey Phil, did I show you my friend Elmo’s a great guy for holding my cigarette? Doesn’t take any drags but I’ve got to be careful about burning his lips.”

The gotcha that ends the night

February 11, 2008

Big bird

“Damn it’s cold. It was -30 C with windchill last night they were saying — and I believe ’em. Hey, did you see my new guitar guy here?”

“Hard to miss him, actually.”

“You know that I spent 3 hours trying to fix him last night. Just wouldn’t work, even tried new batteries a couple of times. I tore the whole toy apart to find out what was wrong. Finally, I realized that I put the batteries in backwards. I just had put them in like the batteries go into Elmo. Boy, did that turn out to be a bad assumption.”

Made you look

January 25, 2008

Makes you look

“You spelled “Elmo” wrong on your sign there.”

“Yup. But you gotta admit it’s a great conversation starter.”

Pushing his button

May 10, 2007

Life begins

“You know, Elmo is a big attraction. There’s this older lady, mind you she’s got lots of energy in her; she walks all the way up to me from the next block and comes up and presses Elmo’s button to play his guitar. So I said to her: ‘You didn’t need to walk the whole way, I could have met you half way.’ So she says don’t worry about it, she says it’s a fun thing for her to do all by herself. If you ask me, that’s the good attitude to life.”

Spring’s new charge

May 8, 2007

“Some guy walked by the other day and he tells me I’m a bit crazy. So I asked him why he’d say that. So he says that since Elmo needs batteries, I must be spending money to buy them.

“Then just then, a kid goes up to the Elmo and presses the button and Elmo plays his little guitar and sings. Of course, the kids smiles, and I so ask the guy who told me I’m crazy: ‘What could be more precious than a kid’s smile?’ So the guy says he needs to think about that and goes up the street. About an hour later he comes back and just hands me a package of new batteries so I think he got what I was saying.”

A new guard for Tony’s new bag

May 6, 2007

Sesame street person

(Tony’s previous bag was stolen.)

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