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Beige existence

December 22, 2007

Tony’s new coat

“A lady I know, her father died so she brought me down his coat to see if it would fit me. Nice, eh.”

Bath, house, drag

July 23, 2007

Bath house

“I’ve got myself a job this week. This lady hired me to take out her bathtub. I hope I can still do it; you know that those old bathtubs are heavy as hell.

“I guess that’s what happens when you go telling people you’ll do odd jobs.”

Pushing his button

May 10, 2007

Life begins

“You know, Elmo is a big attraction. There’s this older lady, mind you she’s got lots of energy in her; she walks all the way up to me from the next block and comes up and presses Elmo’s button to play his guitar. So I said to her: ‘You didn’t need to walk the whole way, I could have met you half way.’ So she says don’t worry about it, she says it’s a fun thing for her to do all by herself. If you ask me, that’s the good attitude to life.”

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