Spring’s new charge

May 8, 2007

“Some guy walked by the other day and he tells me I’m a bit crazy. So I asked him why he’d say that. So he says that since Elmo needs batteries, I must be spending money to buy them.

“Then just then, a kid goes up to the Elmo and presses the button and Elmo plays his little guitar and sings. Of course, the kids smiles, and I so ask the guy who told me I’m crazy: ‘What could be more precious than a kid’s smile?’ So the guy says he needs to think about that and goes up the street. About an hour later he comes back and just hands me a package of new batteries so I think he got what I was saying.”

3 Responses to “Spring’s new charge”

  1. denguy Says:

    I like Elmo and so does my son. Although it is a bit crazy.

  2. Michelle Says:

    Just wanted to encourage you with this blog, Philip. Even though the comments have dropped off, I guarantee you’re getting a TON of hits. This is such an honest look into homelessness and the underlying problems we don’t see.

    God bless your ministry to Tony. :o)

  3. awareness Says:

    I love this story………..he soooo got it. One day, when I ‘m back in T.O. I’m going to find you Tony………….I want to meet you, Mr. Philosopher guy.

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