Homeless man drinks his first latté

May 20, 2008

Yuck. Not worth the wait if you know what I mean.”

4 Responses to “Homeless man drinks his first latté”

  1. debbielynn Says:

    Haha…love it.

    I feel the same way Tony.

    My kids drink all those funky drinks that require a translator to order. Me – I just like my coffee, unflavored, with a little milk and sugar.

    Not worth the wait OR the extra $$. Just a good ol’ cup of coffee, that’s all.

  2. Good old coffee from moms kitchen , Hot and black right Tony

  3. Philip Stern Says:

    Hi Sharon,
    I hvyet to pass along you comment from last time. I’ll do my best to fix this soon. 😉

  4. Philip thank you for keeping me in touch with Tony. God bliss you and your family for the great work .

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