Discussing the weather

May 16, 2008

“How are you doing this fine morning?”

“OK I guess, all things considered. No kiddin’, you gotta love this weather.”

7 Responses to “Discussing the weather”

  1. Markus Says:

    Dear Tony and Philipp,
    since I’m not so much around Roncesvalle these days, I wanted to ask you electronically: Would you be interested in writing articles / other kinds of contributions to a friend’s homeless-newsletter (in New York City). It’s entirely run by homeless people.
    Let me know and we can get in touch and I’ll bring you a copy of it.
    Thanks and big respect for the website!

  2. Maya Says:

    Hi guys! Tony and Philip,

    Wow what a wonderful idea, to be invited to write for a newsletter in New York, Tony you’ll be famous!

    Yes and what a great thing you people in NY are doing. Now how about a homeless choir :):) but sorry I can’t sing – to assist with conducting – I mean.. darn..

  3. Hey, big brother have you or Philip read the story in the Globe and Mail on Saturday May 17 n,2008 about the homeless people on the streets is 70 percent white man
    Love your Sister Sharon

  4. debbielynn Says:

    I bet it’s a welcome thing…spring & summer. Although it presents its own challenges when it gets up over 30, doesn’t it. Damn, it was hot here (Vancouver) on Saturday…I’m too old for it!

    And congrats on the invite to share your stories.

  5. debbielynn Says:

    I hate bad puncuation, so here’s the ? that should’ve been at the end of my question.


  6. debbielynn Says:

    What’s even worse is bad spelling…here’s the t that’s missing from puncTuation.

    Oh boy, it’s been a long day already.

  7. worldmap Says:

    […] morning???? TONY ???OK I guess, all things considered. No kiddin??, you gotta love this weather.???https://homelessmanspeaks.wordpress.com/2008/05/16/all-things-considered/GTA IV Hidden Car TutorialThis is for those who already have GTAIV, this is a simple tutorial how to […]

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