Suspicious minds

March 9, 2008


“Hey Tony, I was talking to this homeless guy, Randy, about sleeping in shelters. He hasn’t stayed in a shelter in at least a year and he says he won’t ever again if he can. He figures that 10% of the five hundred guys staying there are ‘psycho’ — guys who’d kill you for ‘a pack of smokes or half a tuna sandwich.’ ”

You’ve heard me tell you that before. Nobody believes it … who’s gonna to listen to one of us, if you know what I mean?”

One Response to “Suspicious minds”

  1. Maya Says:


    Did you catch the doc ‘Devil Plays Hardball’ on the Passionate Eye? If not, I recommend it. Shot over a 10 month period the project couples several Vancouver homeless people with individual mentors who want to help them get off the street.

    It’s not an easy road, but it is a road.. worth pursuing. Homeless shelters may not provide the refuge one would hope, but living on the streets, especially in such weather is not the solution either.

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