Forget me not

March 14, 2008

Blanket of many colours

“Hi Tony, I saw you really shivering last time so I checked at home and found you this blanket plus this fleece jacket. You can use that blanket to keep that beautiful ass of yours nice and toasty.”

“Well that’s 100% great. Thanks for these very much; I can use them. But I got to tell you, my ass is nice and warm right now. What I need it for is to warm up my legs.”

[Later] to Philip

“That the blanket is kinda like that Coat of Many Colours from the Bible. Except no one wants to kill me for it, which is good. i can’t believe I still remember those Old Testament stories but that’s what a Catholic education does for you.”

5 Responses to “Forget me not”

  1. debbielynn Says:

    Tony, hi…pleased to “meet” you. I’ve just stumbled across your blog by accident, but am glad I did. I’ve spent an hour here.

    Anyhow, I’m inspired by your spirit and your smile. Your kindness and your generosity. The world is a better place with you in it, I’m quite sure of that.

    I wish you were in Vancouver so I could say hello to you in person. But I’m sure there’s someone here, closer to home, that would also like a stranger’s hello…so I’ll do that, in your honor.

    Be safe and take care. “I’ll be back”.

  2. claudia Says:

    I have had some negative run ins with certain homeless near me here in Vancouver, but there is one who is always gracious and appreciative for the help he receives, and he reminds me of you Tony. I prefer to offer food, and many scoff or become angry because I won’t give money. Even if I say, I have four children and don’t want to give away money, I kinda need it you know?

  3. what a hard life in streets

    really he suffer much .. maybe i help if i be there

  4. Hey, big brother Happy ST. Patrick’s day

  5. debbielynn Says:

    Hi Tony…hope you’re o.k.


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